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NIFT Situation Test – Sample Questions

Hey, finally I am posting the Sample Questions for the NIFT Situation Test. I thought providing some sample questions for Situation Test will be more useful for you guys. I’ll keep updating this post with new questions.

1. Design a stage for a rock concert.
2. Design a table clock for an IT Executive.
3. Design a lampshade with the theme romance.
4. Design a vanity case for a fashion designer.
5. Design a paper weight for a student.
6. Design a magazine rack for your home.

Materials Provided:
Pastel Sheets
Ivory Sheets
Satin Ribbon
Ice Cream Sticks
Match Sticks
Copper Wire
Woollen Yarn
Golden and Silver Paper
Plasticin Clay
Or any other material of your choice that adds to the creativity.

NIFT Situation Test – 2008
1. Design a flower vase for a crafts festival.
2. Design a memento for an art competition.
Materials Provided:
White chart paper
Pastel pheets
Thick white coloured yarn
Golden sheets
Copper wire
Orange satin ribbon

NIFT Situation Test – 2009

1. Design a ladies handbag for one of the following occasions.

  • Fashion show
  • Marriage party
  • Picnic

2. Design a Doll for Environmental Awareness

  • Save girl child
  • Literacy mission
  • Save electricity

3. Memento

  • Cricket match
  • Member association
  • Farewell party

Materials Provided:

1 mouting borad
1 corrugated sheet
6 paper pins
6 straws
6 ice cream stick
1 small cotton bail
1 tissue paper
1 full sheet of newspaper
6 plastic rubberbands