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NIFT Counselling

I still remember the first day when I stood scanning the busy mood in the air outside the New Delhi railway station. The buildings right opposite to the station looked damn old. They were dirty and dilapidated. The place was highly polluted. The air pollution, noise pollution and pollution of every kind. An auto driver literally snatched my bag from my hand and asked me to take his auto.

I imagined in contrary, about the Chennai Central, which was much more organised and unpolluted than what I saw here. Undoubtedly it wasn’t the reception I expected in Delhi.

I had arrived at New Delhi to attend my NIFT counselling session. I was still damn confused about what course and center to choose. Finally, I was heading towards the fruit, I earned from months of hardwork and strain. I got rank 1 which meant the choices were right open for me to choose any course & center that I wanted.

Well, let me give you a small brief up – Following the NIFT Situation Test, the NIFT declares the final all India ranks of the NIFT Entrance Exam, at the various NIFT Centres and in the NIFT website. The Students will be called to NIFT New Delhi for their Counselling session. NIFT Counselling is a small meet up, where they check out your documents in original, and you will be asked to choose the course, department and your preferred NIFT centre according to your rank.
Comming back…We browsed through the hotel rooms that were available in Pahar Ganj, just opposite to the station. The place had plethora of hotels, restaurants and a huge market. It was congested af. Hawkers literally request you to buy something xD
I spent the entire night debating if I should choose NIFT Chennai centre or NIFT Delhi centre.

I had previously decided to choose Fashion Design in the counselling. But I still haven’t decided about my centre, and with my NIFT counselling session tomorrow… ahhh, more mental debates.

NIFT Delhi centre without any doubt have the best faculties, best brains etc. Delhi’s fashion has always made headlines. People worship fashion in this city. In fact, Delhi is the host of one of the most prestigious fashion week of India, the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. On contrary, In Chennai, people believe in a minimalistic lifestyle. But, Chennai is my hometown; NIFT Chennai is hardly a kilometre away from my home. Is it worth travelling 2000km for the same education that I get here in Chennai???? Every NIFT seniors suggested me to take Delhi centre as its the best.

Next morning, we took an auto from Pahar Ganj, and headed towards the college with necessary documents and files. One thing that is common between Delhi and Chennai is its traffic. It sucks in both the cities. On the way, I travelled through Janpath, I was amused by Delhi’s greenery. I have never seen a city this green. Moreover, I started loving the Delhi roads, as they were broad and neat. I had a nice view of India gate from the auto. By the time I reached Hauz Khas, I realized that Pahar Ganj is only a dirty side of city.

The first thing that I noticed about NIFT New Delhi was that it is unnoticeable! We were searching for the college near the Gulmohar Park. Finally, we found it near an Axis Bank ATM. The college has an excellent atmosphere inside. Though the building complex doesn’t look too big, it well planned and looks beautiful. We were headed towards the IG Hall where the counselling session was to start. By the time we reached, the hall was already filled with so many other students along with their parents. There was a screen where the statuses of the seat details were put up. The counselling session started with a brief introduction by one of the NIFT faculty. He spoke about NIFT, and gave a brief introduction about the courses offered. He told us about the “prestigious” institution. He also briefed up about the departments.

NIFT offers various departments, namely Fashion Design, Leather Design, Accessory Design, Textile Design, Knitwear Design and Fashion Communication.
Then they were directly into the business. Being the first ranker, my name was called up first. It was a weird but great feeling to walk inside the room first, as though I’ve just scaled a Himalayan challenge. My documents and certificates were verified and I was forwarded to another room adjacent to the hall. Then, I was asked about the department and course that I wanted. I chose Fashion Design in NIFT Delhi centre. We received the fee receipt after submitting the fee draft. Then we took a small tour of the college campus. Later, we met some brokers in Gautam Nagar regarding the accommodation.
After all, counselling was just a small meet up with the authorities. Its just to verify the original documents, choosing the department and centre and submission of the fee.

After having a small tour of New Delhi, we headed back to the railway station. I could finally breathe a sigh of relief when I reached back home in Chennai. Delhi was a very different city & it was going to be rather unusual for the next 4 years.