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According to a Survey by Outlook Magazine in 2007, Top 10 Fashion Institutes in India are:

  1. NIFT New Delhi
  2. NID Ahmedabad
  3. NIFT Chennai
  4. NIFT Hyderabad
  5. NIFT Kolkata
  6. NIFT Bangalore
  7. NIFT Mumbai
  8. Pearl Academy, New Delhi
  9. NIFT Gandhinagar
  10. NIIFT Mohali

According to a Survey by India Today Magazine in 2014, Top 10 Fashion Institutes in India are:

  1. NIFT, Delhi
  2. Pearl Academy, Delhi
  3. NIFT Mumbai
  4. NIFT Bangalore
  5. NIFT Hyderabad
  6. Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  7. NIFT Chennai
  8. NIFT Kolkata
  9. NIIFT Mohali
  10. Pearl Academy, Jaipur

The 2014 list kinda baffles me to know that there’s no NID there and also ranking of some private college is questionable.


UPDATE 2017: Have been following up with India’s top fashion colleges list for almost a decade now and most of those top-10 lists, if they’re any bigger sellouts, might end up collecting more than Baahubali 2.