Definition of Fashion

This was the question asked by teacher on the very first class in NIFT. And I bet you won’t believe, none of the freshers in the college could put it up in words though they all knew what it is. Hence, we were assigned our very first homework to elucidate our views on Fashion. So, what exactly is fashion??

Fashion is the way. The way you dress yourself, they way carry yourself, the way you talk, the way you comb your hair, the way you drape your sari.
Fashion is a prevailing custom which majority in a group follow at any one time, no matter how small the group is.

Every generation laughs at the old fashion, but religiously follows the new. Fashion is something ever changing. A fashion that was IN yesterday is forgotten today. A fashion that is IN today will be forgotten tomorrow. Fashion keeps changing.

It reflects the lifestyle of a community.

Fashion is a way to express yourself. It is not just about looking funky and glamorous, but it is also about comfort. There’s no point in draping woollen mufflers around your neck in summers (example, Shah Rukh khan of recent).

Fashion is all about your attitude. Many believe that designers dictate fashion on common people and force it on consumes. But in reality, it is the consumers themselves who establish their own fashion on choosing what they want.

Fashion is always evolutionary. Fashion doesn’t change overnight. It’s a slowly changing process which evolves and is accepted by mass. It is a continuous cycle. Every style come in vogue and move out.

After all, Fashion is just a complicated science, which can be predicted with remarkable accuracy by those who study and understand the fundamentals of the fashion.
The fashion that a person chooses not only reflects his attitude, but also gives expressions to his ideas.

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